"Post-observation" in KICA, 2015

"Post-observation" - a total installation composed of two spaces. Entering to the exhibition, a viewer immediately gets into the first of them - "The Post". This space is completely self-sufficient: there is a picture of live broadcasting from video surveillance cameras, there is a map with the layout and detailed descriptions of objects. "The Post" gives the viewer control over the exhibition hall and puts him in the position of superintendent or supervisor.
But out there the objects are represented something completely simulative, ephemeral - it is only an image on the screen or in the barred window. At this point, the viewer must decide - to open the door and step outside the glass, outside the image plane. And there is another world waiting for him - a world consisting of signs, sometimes easily read, sometimes - not at all; real and fictional landscapes; models and routes. Here, the viewer becomes a researcher trying to understand and study the nature of these strange and mysterious objects.