"Utopian Skeleton" in XL gallery

The "Utopian Skeleton" tells the story about those plans (from personal history or from the history of art), which haven't found their embodiment, or have gotten "disembodiment" eventually, or have realized not as originally planned. Installing of wooden slats the sceleton of a constructivist communal house or a large western museum, where they'd love to show their work, artists symbolically assigned energy charge coming from each of them.

Small personal utopia in fact turns out to be not that unfeasible. The idea of 1920-1930 about totally socialized life has failed, as we know. But nothing prevents the artists themselves to become a micro-commune and establish their own institution - the self-proclaimed Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art (KICA), the pearl of the local self-organization.
Valeriy Ledenev