The Third Lagoon

"The Third Lagoon" 2014. Total installation on the exhibition "One Place Next to Another"

The Third Lagoon is wild place on the cjast of the Black Sea between the villages of Big and Little Utrish. It is not straightforward to reach - you either have to take a boat, or walk for seven kilometres along the clifftop. But once you get there, you are completely immersed in nature; here, the "forest brotherhood" live among the trees,settling in juniper bushes for months at a time and carefully making the landscape their home. Our "Third Lagoon" is located underground in the old vaults of the "Winzavod" factory. It, too, is a kind of inhabited space, a territory of freedom where you can relax, perhaps do a little art or sport, or quietly observe, or simply have a lie down and read a book. Instead of nature, constructivist objects made out of beams and tarpaulin perform the functions of trees.