"'Three chairs" in Tromsø Kunstforening, Norway 2013

Three “thrones” facing three windows, tower high off the ground in this witty, pleasurable and practicle new work by Krasnodar’s ZIP Group. The audience is invited to climb the step-ladder and preside on these “thrones”. The first, the “Leisure Chair” invites the visitor to take a seat and “just relax” and look out through the window at the landscape, that is, the flagpole, the park surrounding the art hall, the road, the buildings and the piece of the Atlantic Ocean which separates Tromso from the mountains towering around it. The second, the “Chair of Strategic Decisions” invites the participation of visitors. One can make little figurines of clay putty, draw arrows with paint or markers on the window, leave notes, or interact in any other way with the window and in this way also make strategies to do things with what lies behind it. The third, the “Chair of Self-Exploration” is boarded up. The enthroned participant has a moment to go within him or herself, to reflect and investigate in piece what lies within. http://www.re-aligned.net/three-chairs/?lang=en# 61.48 КБ 41.44 КБ 46.50 КБ 58.39 КБ 65.71 КБ 52.83 КБ