"ZIP Museum" 2013

We often used in our projects objects and materials picked up from the factory. At first they were just stuff that you can quickly make some art from. Then we began the study of texture and "strangeness " of these things, as though they were awakening from "hibernation". Then the whole factory itself became the very important subject for us - we made the piece "Utopia". Museum ZIP - is a tribute to the factory, which let is inside, gave the name of our art group. We decided to build a real museum, but instead of filling it with some historical facts or reports on past glory of the factory we put small artifacts that were either made ​​at the factory , or used by workers at work, rest or during the holidays. For example, the object which we call "genius thing" can't be classified or identified of anyways. Nobody can say what it is. But this object is, for some reason, has become for us very valueable and really earned its place in the museum. Through these small things we want to tell about the people who used to fill the factory whith life.