«The laboratory». 2011

Total installation, 2011

The factory ZIP was one of the leaders of electronics industry in the country. After the perestroika the factory continued to function only as a brand of the past. The territory of the factory is actively rented now. But there are lots of materials and tools that are now taken to a landfill. These objects have completely lost their meaning and function. We gather these materials with their unique power. We can't reconstruct them, so we transform these objects and combine them together. So we have got a laboratory for creating the "Frankensteins", who live in their own world not depend on the past or the present. In our laboratory we wanted to make a futuristic impulse. Dynamics is given by the 'revived' insects maden of skeletons of lamps, the portal of the boxes of punched cards becomes a fantastic time machine, the totem of workers nameplates reaches out to light, the observer and the pendulum control the process, plastic Metamorphs build their virtual world inside rotted aquarium, the blackboard becomes a window to another laboratory with real scientists.